Return Policy

  1. If any product is damaged or mistakenly delivered after the product is delivered, you will be able to accept another new product.
  2. In the case of product change, Ali Shop must be notified via mobile or email within a maximum of 48 hours. Ali Shop will make all product change decisions.
  3. Ali Shop will bear the shipping cost of the modified product and you may have to wait for a maximum of 7 (seven) working days to receive it. but the return cost is yours.
  4. In case of a full refund of the product, the product must be completely intact / defect free and you have to send the product to the office of Ali Shop, note that you have to bear all the transportation cost of the return. If any additional charges are attached, you can return the product without accepting it.
  5. You should record a video when your product will unboxing it will be better understand for both.

Our Complaints Team will call you for any complaints regarding products and services. We want to get you active on the phone until your complaint is resolved. If your contact number is not active, an alternative number should be active. You need to tell us the means of the reason for the refund. If we do not receive any cooperation from you by phone or email within 15 working days, we will consider your complaint to be settlement.

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